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If you still have problems, please let us know, by sending an email to or call us (+34) 93 518 44 49. Thank you!

24h personal phone service

(+34) 633 899 320 / (+34) 610 220 990

Barcelona's Best Tapas Bar

Barcelona's tapas scene is a great way to experience all that the city has to offer both on a culinary as well as on a cultural level.


Barcelona best services, can recommend you you the best exclusives restarants around of Barcelona

What we do
  • We organize the reservations for you
  • We can get the best discount for you

Running in the city

We have a service of personal trainers, with the purpose that our clients, enjoy their stay in Barcelona and at the same time they can take care of their health..

Running in the city

This service consists of personalized routes that you will choose in relation to your interests. You will be accompanied by our best professionals. You will have the choice to visit the most emblematic streets of Barcelona, you will have short architectural explanations of the most important buildings, you will breathe the most pure air of Barcelona from the highest place of the city, Collcerola, from where you will enjoy the panoramic and stunning views of the city.

What we do
  • Standard routes, with qualified tour guide that will offer you short explanations of the architecture of Barcelona
  • Personalised routes, the itinerary is adapted to your choices and needs
  • Personal trainer at home, you can do exercise without leaving your apartment

If you need a personal trainer in your appartement, our specialised staff will endeavour to offer you this exclusive service and will adapt to your needs and tastes, always taking care of your health and well being

Private Transfer

Visiting a new city can be very exciting, however if it is your first time you will come across a new culture, sometimes a new language, architecture etc ...
Barcelona is one of the trendiest cities in the world, offering you a vast variety of activities that you can enjoy during your visit.
This is the reason that our team is working on creating new systems for you to make your experience unforgettable.
Barcelona like any other metropolis has a very well organized and reliable transport system..

Private Transfer

Sometimes the Barcelona transport system can be difficult to understand if it's your first time in the city. That's why our team has created a new method perfect for you, that we think can simplify and make your experience more easy going, the private transfer.
If you don't want to worry and need a quick ride from where you are to your accommodation, if you want quickness, simplicity, luxury and quality this is your best choice!

What we do
  • Transfer from Airport to Apartment
  • Transfer from Apartment to Airport
  • Transfer from Apartment to anywhere

Contact us at any time, we will be happy to provide you a private transfer.
From your first arrival at the airport you just have to contact us, and we will provide you a private transfer to your new accommodation.
If you are visiting the city and feel tired of walking around the city you can always contact us, we will as well provide you a private transfer.
We offer as well a different variety of cars, from a normal taxi to a luxury car, you just need to contact us and tell us your preference. Move around Barcelona with our private transfer!.

Fleet of bicycles

We have our own fleet of bicycles, so you get around comfortably, without having to wait. Our weather is perfect for a nice bicycle tour, which is great for your health and well being

Running in the city

With this exclusive service, you will optimize your time, and for a good price you will visit the most iconic places in Barcelona. To make it easy for you, we deliver the bicycles to your appartment, so you won't have to wait

What we do
  • Upon request you can rent one of our bicycles
  • We can arrange the delivery and collection of are bicycles 
  • We will replace your bicycles if needed
  • All of our bicycles are checked regularly by our profesional staff

All of our bicycles are folding so you can have them comfortably in your appartment. This way you won't need to worry, we will just collect them directly from the apartment the moment you don't need them. All of the bicycles are meticulously examined by our specialist staff. If you have a problem with a bicycle we will replace it right away.